1. cadavercyan:

    «Sator», символы созвездий  как символы апостолов.

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  2. More Offerings, With Love

    A bit of a preview for all who follow; Pure Vomit on this third release. Cassettes for OD002 are still in production, but as soon as they are finished, a select few will receive cassettes of this album + custom art work for only the price of postage.

    Message if interested.




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  6. Auto Oscillator Erotic Distortion

    After a long hiatus, here is the second independent release by /// Δ

    Soon to be available on limited edition cassette, stay tuned.



  8. mertseger:

    John William Waterhouse - A Hamadryad

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  13. baldespendus:

    “Juliette - ou les prosperités du vice”, unattributed illustration for the novel by Marquis de Sade; possibly first half of the 19th century.

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  14. Goodbye Blue Monday Set

    New live recording, check it out here (free for download):


  15. Dragon Imperial, OD001, finally pressed. Super limited edition of 13. They will be for sale first in Philadelphia at the Commun Circuit noise fest, 21st to the 23rd, then posted here online.

    Click here to listen to it.